Casualty Response Kits

Our Mass Casualty Response Kit is are fully equipped medical bags specifically designed to provide medical support for mass casualty incidents where multiple servicemen are inflicted with traumatic, life-threatening injuries. Our Mass Casualty Response Kits come in a variety of sizes designed to be shoulder carried or mounted either inside or outside of a vehicle.

The kits are pre-stocked with supplies to control bleeding (tourniquets, pressure bandages, abdominal bandages, dressings, tape, etc.), establish and maintain airways, protect burned skin, immobilize appendages (splints), and transport casualties (hypothermia blankets and disposable litters).

Each kit contains multiple tourniquets, pressure bandages, hemostatic agents, nasopharyngeal airways with lubricant, chest seals, compressed gauze, tape, shears, and a variety of other items. 

As always, should you require a custom solution to meet your operational needs, let us know and we will make it happen!

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