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Operational K9s (OpK9s) consists of Police canines, Military Working Dogs, Force Protection canines, and Search and Rescue (SAR) canines. These animals have continuously proven to be a force multiplier in the success of many military, law enforcement, SAR, and humanitarian operations.

The increased utilization of these operational working animals across the globe has also subjected them to an increase in risk of injury and death while in the line of duty. Similar to their human counterparts, working animals deployed in a tactical or high threat environment also remain at high risk for suffering life-threatening traumatic injuries.  As such, we provide a line of tactical K9 medical kits and gear as per TECC guidelines 

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NAR K-9 LItter NAR K-9 LItter
TACMED K-9 Muzzle
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TACMED K-9 Handler Trauma Kit
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$289.00 Regular price $327.99
TACMED K-9 Tourniquet
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